Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Decor for your Rustic Thanksgiving Style

Thanksgiving is a time for traditions with family and friends.  A bountiful table and the comforts of food and festivities. A time to reflect and be thankful for all we have.
In keeping with traditions and comforts, we've put together a collection of accents and accessories to give your Thanksgiving the comforts of a natural, rustic style. 
Acorn Garland
Real acorn caps top charming wooden acorns.
Deep brown adorns the jute twine rope to create this rustic and natural garland.

Real acorn caps top charming wooden acorns.
Arrive in a wooden crate.
Display in the crate, in a canister or scatter about a tabletop.

Pheasants and Woven Cornucopias
Real feathers impart nature's magnificence to these faux pheasants.
Each lifelike avian imposter is painstakingly crafted by hand using brilliant plumage and masterful detail.
Rustic willow cornucopias are ready to fill with fruit and foliage for an abundant harvest display.
Natural Gourds
Real gourds are cleaned, colored and dried to add color to fall displays.
The quaint round gourds sport small stripes up their sides.
Neck gourds are identified by their arched, bulbous necks.
Rustic Pumpkins
Handsome oversized pumpkins are hand-made from dyed broom straw, rattan and other natural materials.
Variegated plant fibers result in a more natural look.
Available in 4 sizes to create a faux pumpkin patch.

Straw Acorns
Wood Owl
Naturally decorative acorns add rustic charm wherever they sit.
Hand-crafted from dyed broom straw and secured with thin brown twine.
Employ Woody the Owl to keep a whimsical watch over the Autumn season.
This charming, wide-eyed bird is hand-carved, ready to take his place in a fall display or on a high shelf.

Turkey Bowl
Realistic wattles and hand-carved heads lend detail to our Turkey Bowls.
Carefully selected bits of driftwood pieces form each hand-crafted gobbler.
Fill with botanical objects, pumpkins and gourds or a vessel of flowers for a colorful, textural centerpiece.
Find our rustic Thanksgiving collection and all of our furnishings and home decor at www.ModernMountainDesign.com http://www.modernmountaindesign.com/thanksgiving.htm

Modern Mountain Design offers a modern approach to the simplicity of mountain design. While our accessories and furnishings maintain the tradition of rustic, natural mountain style, we've updated it with a modern edge.

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